Los Reyes to close doors on March 11th

A message from the owners:

To our customers,

My name is Christian Martin. I am the current owner of Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant here in Cartersville, GA. My mother is the former owner, Anna Reyes, and we both manage the family business. Los Reyes was originally founded over 40 years ago in Marietta by my grandfather, Marcelo Reyes. With its success, Marcelo Reyes helped my mother and father open a location in the small town of Cartersville. In August of 2016, I purchased the family business and property from her to grant her financial freedom.

Los Reyes in Cartersville thrived because of the support from the local community. But the past few years have proven less fruitful. Large restaurants have taken a hit as smaller niche restaurants have become popular. Coupled with an explosion of Mexican/Hispanic food establishments in Cartersville, the amount of customers that we have seen steadily declined over time. I pushed on forward in purchasing the business despite the writing on the wall.

Over the many years, we lost the trust and confidence of the locals here in Cartersville. on many occasions, we’ve had months of having one cook and my mother and I trying to make ends meet in the kitchen or times when we could not find any servers to join our staff. This would ultimately incentivize many of our loyal and amazing customers to find new places to dine. I regret every customer that we have lost and would like to offer a formal apology to the residents of Bartow County. We failed our customers as a business. Most of all, I have personally failed my employees.

Our failures do not define us but add to the experience of life and offer us new opportunities. This past year, we have finally found the end to our employee drought and currently have the most amazing staff we could ever ask for. Our kitchen has finally stabilized and our service has been next to none. I have watched Google and Facebook reviews go from a string of 1 and 2 star reviews to almost all 5 star reviews during 2017. Unfortunately this is not enough to change the minds of the customers we have lost and we are still regarded by many as the restaurant to avoid in town.

I am not making a plea to everyone to give us a second chance. I understand loyalties to other businesses are hard to break. With all of that being said, March 11th 2018, will be our last day of operation. After 30 years of being open to the public, we will be closing our doors that night and Los Reyes will cease to exist in Cartersville. The last and final locations will be in Dalton, GA.

Although Los Reyes is closing its doors, it will not be the end but a new beginning. Over the course of the next few months Anna Reyes will be looking to open a new restaurant, under a new name, offering a new take on the current brand. This will offer her a clean slate and distance her from the name that Georgians have grown to dislike. Her new location will be smaller but offer a more cozy dining experience. In the next few months keep a look out for Anna’s Bar and Grill to be opening up in a new location!

In closing, March 11th will be our last day in operation. This has been the toughest decision for us to make but ultimately it had to be done. We did not get to over 30 years in operation on our own. It was the amazing people of this town that kept us in business and we would not be here if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. Our best memories from here will be the countless families and individuals that we watched grow and flourish over the years.

It’s been a blessing to be able to continue as long as we did. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We are very grateful for everything this town has done for us and God bless you all! It’s been an honor.

We hope to be able to see everyone before March 11th 2018!

Thank you,
Anna Reyes &
Christian Martin

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