2,000 Residences, Retail And Outdoor Recreation Proposed Near Emerson

An Atlanta development company has unveiled plans for a massive residential community for the site just off I-75 in Emerson. The name: Villages at Red Top.

What’s Planned: A three-village community with a combined 2,000 residential spots, including 1,400 single-family homes and 600 multifamily homes (town homes, cluster homes) spread among an outdoors theme of trails, nearby waterways, golf and more. The location is adjacent to LakePoint Sporting Community with hits growing amenities and retail/hospitality settings as well as easy access to I-75.

Here’s what the development company is saying about the project:

“Jacoby Development is creating Villages at Red Top, a mixed-use community in a spectacular location about 40 miles northwest of Atlanta that will reclaim a former barium and ochre mine. The site’s diverse natural environment features dramatic elevation changes, two miles of frontage on the Etowah River, and multiple lakes and ponds. Villages at Red Top is located just off of Interstate 75, and is in close proximity to Allatoona Lake, Red Top Mountain State Park, historic Downtown Cartersville, and the LakePoint Sporting Community.

“Villages at Red Top will encompass 2,000 residential units and about 1 million square feet of commercial and retail development across three distinct village environments. Etowah Village is a town center that will include a hotel/spa, shopping, dining, entertainment, office, and residential uses, as well as a Festival Green and a Riverwalk trail along the Etowah. Lakeside Village is an active adult residential community with a wide array of amenities, including recreational lakes, clubhouse, walking trails, and a golf course. Hillside Village is an exclusive community of luxury homes with panoramic views of the Etowah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and hiking trails along the ridgetops.”

Plans call for commercial districts modeled — and named — after some of the iconic addresses: Bourbon Street, Beale Street and Broad Street (alas, not Rome’s). A river walk along the Etowah River also is planned.

What’s Next: Given the scope of the project, we’re assuming it will have to file for a development of regional impact study with the state as well as county and municipal review.

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